Clients come to RFS for one thing; to make money. Our managed forex trading strategies are backed up by extensive research and analysis, and we have a highly disciplined approach to deploying these strategies.

Our aim is to offer you the ability to make significantly greater gains than if you placed your money in a savings account at your bank, while still protecting your investment and offering you the highest levels of security and transparency.

RFS Capital Management has offices in Jakarta-Indonesia. The company was formed in June 2007 with the aim of becoming a top money manager. Since inception, RFS has proven its strong trading record, and continues to attract clients looking for simple access to the considerable opportunities in trading currencies.


RFS’s money managers come with years of experience in balancing risk against returns. Our target of making profits for our clients is based on a comprehensive understanding of the international money markets, and what makes these markets move. Currency values fluctuate constantly, so RFS uses a variety of trading ‘stop losses’ to ensure that the loss on any particular trade is controlled, while the opportunity for gain is left as open as possible.


With RFS, clients have online access to view our trading strategies and performance in real time. We believe in transparency in everything we do.