Great Forex Broker, Fast Deposit And Withdrawal


Instaforex Great For Scalpers

As we know instaforex is one of great forex broker for scalping in asia and europe, after my experience almost 2 years , so i’ve decided trading forex only on instaforex, and here several ways to join with instaforex broker.

To open account on this great scalping forex broker from instaforex you’ve to open registration page and click open real account on instaforex. open_account_instaforexFilling registration form, and completing form by your id details based from your id card, like full name, address, birthdate, email, country, and your contact number, password, account data, and affiliate code.

Here’s details instruction below to open real account on instaforex broker : πŸ˜‰

1. Personal Data
Your personal data have to completed based your personal Nationality ID Card.
open_account_forex 2. Access Data And Account Number
This data will be used to access your account trading including your trader cabinet later, at this form you can fill your custom password with 8 character combined letters and numbers or you can click generate to get random password, and don’t forget save your password and your pin on the notepad and saved in your safe folder.

Account Number
You can choose account type as you like , below : πŸ˜‰
Standard, minimum trades volume 0.01 lot ($0.01 /pips) ==> Recommended !! πŸ˜‰
Cent, minimum trades volume 0.01 lot cent ($0.001 /pips).
Eurica, type account with zero spread, but always charge fee on each open position.
You can choose server location , USA, Singapore, EUROPE. You can choose laverage 1:2 until 1:1000 , my recommendation is using 1:1000 πŸ˜‰ you can check free swap and subscribe for free analytics from professional forex traders.


3. Affiliate Code
You can fill this parameter with “DUXN” (without quotes) or just leave this with blank.
4. After all completed , check β€œI agree with the Public offer agreementβ€œ.
Login detail information, like account trading number, password, phone password, pin (this pin for withdrawal), server number will sent to your email and don’t forget to safe them in safest place in your secret folder in your pc or your laptop. Just for information, you can open as many account as you like with the same name.
After all completed you can download metatrader 4 platform and start for trade.

Very easy fast and easy right ? So, what are you waiting for? You can test deposit only by $1 to start trade with instaforex standard, you can open 0.01lot=1pip=$0.01 only with $1, very good right ? So, test your skill and start trade with insta forex broker by click button opening account trading below.


If you want using fast deposit and withdrawal payment system on this instaforex broker, our recommendation using neteller payment system.

Owh, I’ve almost forget, one advantage trading on insta forex broker is you can get free VPS or very cheap Virtual Private Server (VPS) too, start as a little $3 per month you can have you VPS to run your expert advisor 24/5. That’s sound good right ? So, here more detail about pricing VPS which insta forex broker provide : πŸ˜‰

Lastly, have a nice trade with this very recommended forex broker for scalping which is instaforex.