Stable and Honest Forex Managed Accounts
RFS provides all types of investor with significant growth potential through the foreign exchange market under the guidance of an experienced fund manager. Our strategy offers the potential of low and medium-risk returns in rising and falling markets through discipline and continual refinement.
MAX Draw Down is 30% and Return per Month start from 25% – 100%.

Suitability —> Suitable for most investors. Provides full-time professional investment management by internal investment managers.
Fees —> The only fees you pay are performance fees on net profits. These are charged one time when join to our managed account(s).

Performance fees:
40% for accounts up $2,000 —– up to $20,000
35% for accounts up to $100,000
30% for accounts $250,000 – USD 500,000
25% for accounts $500,000 up to $1’000,000 and for more.

i.e . Share is 40% for manager and 60% for investor and made on every monthly.

Minimum Period —-> 1 months

Minimum Account Size The minimum account size and balance is USD/EUR 1,000.

RFS Capital Management never touches nor has access to your funds.
Can we access your account and Withdrawal it…? It will not happen. We can’t access your account, because we never have your secure password. The password will be personal and that’s password only sent to your email by support, not include cc to mine. And how to withdrawal your money? On the New Account Opening Form, you has already registered your BANK DATA in fill opening form, and will sent the withdrawal money to that data as you fill it before, with your Bank your money will go, not to my Bank Account, then we never know your Sign for withdrawal process form. We can’t withdrawal it.

We have a very simple objective: to maximize capital growth whilst managing risks.

We trade manualy 90% using swing strategy on multiple timeframe based trendline and candlestick analysis on H4-W1 time frame, it using tight stop loss and let the profit run…so accurate…but we still using EA because EA help us to make a fastest entry and exit…

Optional Services :

Our EA Scalping Price :

  • 1 Account —> $97
  • 2 Accounts —> $147
  • 3 Accounts —> $197
  • Unlimited Account —> $299
  • EA Scalping Works best on GBPUSD,EURUSD,EURJPY,USDJPY and AUDUSD very safety indeed.

    Or you can join with our manual managed account start from $1k, PERFORMANCE CAN BE SEEN AT THIS PAGE 😉