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If there are any technical issues that have caused connection problems on your end and if you have purchased a membership on that same day, we will refund your purchase in full no questions asked. In fact, we will voluntarily refund you. Our mission is to grow your account and your satisfaction is our satisfaction. 

We guarantee that if used correctly, our service will grow your account overtime. We put a lot of effort in this service to keep it running as well as analyze the markets to provide the most accurate trades. Because forex has it's risks, we cannot guarantee that past performance will reflect on future performance. Just like brokers do not control the outcome of the forex market, they never reverse trades whether it is a win or lose. This same principle applies here. We have made sure that we have made the BEST scenario to make you successful in the market and we will do everything in our power to make you money. All subscription fees are final unless there are technical issues.